Create and Deliver Your Freebie Automatically [Self-Study]

This step-by-step training will break down exactly how to create your free offer, deliver it automatically and begin to grow your list.

What is a freebie and do I need one?

A free offer, sometimes called a lead magnet or an opt-in, is one of the most powerful ways to get your message out to potential clients. It allows you to introduce your mission, yourself, and your service to those who are genuinely interested in what you provide.

Having an email marketing system that collects your potential clients gives you peace in knowing you have a list of people interested in your service that you can reach out to at any time to nurture and build the foundation of a loyal client relationship.

How does this freebie work exactly?

  • Someone signs up for your freebie, providing their email address
  • They are added to your email marketing system
  • If you would like them to confirm (double opt-in) they will receive an email confirmation
  • They automatically receive an email delivering your freebie to them

Of course, the setup is a bit more complicated than that and there are additional pieces we can add, like a nurture sequence, but at its core, those are the basic steps.

This course will walk you through:

  • Creating a valuable free offer (aka opt-in, freebie, lead magnet)
  • Setting up your email list where you'll collect subscribers
  • Seamlessly delivering your freebie to your new subscribers
  • BONUS: Learn how to create a simple funnel to nurture your new subscribers
  • BONUS: Swipe Files + Helpful Resources

Transcripts and/or Closed Captions provided for all course videos.

The systems used in this course offer feature-rich free versions that will grow with your business. We'll be using Canva* to create your freebie and Mailerlite* to collect your subscribers, deliver your free automatically. And, I'll keep it simple and walk you through all the steps so don't worry if you've never heard of either. *Affiliate links

"I can’t believe I put this off for so long. Thank you for this. It was so much easier than I ever imagined. Of course, I wouldn’t be saying that if you hadn’t walked me through it!" —Celeste G.

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This is for you if any of these are true:

  • You have an idea for a valuable free offer but you aren't sure where to begin.
  • You currently have a freebie but you are manually sending it out.
  • You've never heard of Canva or, you have it but still feel unsure how to use it for designing a freebie.
  • You do not have an email marketing system or, you have one but are hesitant to use it.
  • You are interested in learning more about Canva and Mailerlite.

Are you ready to move through the resistance and share your offer with those that need it? Register and get immediate access to this self-study course.

Let’s get you growing!

"This was incredibly helpful! There were parts I already knew, I’ve had Canva for years. But I still learned a few things. Mailerlite was new to me and I am so excited I switched to it. Love it! Thank you so much!" —Jill B.
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Buy Now ~ $50

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