Website Design For Your Wellness Business BONUS: DIY Brand Design Workshop

BONUS: DIY Brand Design Workshop

Please note, this is a bonus module from another course. It is not required. If your brand identity is already established or if you have no interest in a brand design, you may disregard this step.


Throughout this process, you'll get to the heart of your messaging and how you want to be perceived. Based on those feelings, I'll guide you to begin sourcing elements for your brand, images, fonts, colors, graphics, and show you exactly how to create your mood board. We'll also help you get clearer on your fonts, and the design of your logo.

I offer guidelines but please, don't be shy. If I say to pick 2-3 colors and you have 4 in mind, please list them.

Also, don't get overwhelmed with all the things. Answer as quickly and honestly as you can. Often we intuitively know the answer and then tend to overthink it. And remember, I'm here if you get stuck.

Keep me posted on your progress, and reach out if you have any questions as you go through. 

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