Website Design For Your Wellness Business BONUS: DIY Brand Design Workshop Mission


Woohoo, you are making so much progress!

In this lesson, we get to take our discoveries from the past two lessons, and put it together into our Value Proposition Statement (VPS).  The VPS is what shares the story of what you do, with the right people, the people who need to hear it - and it lets them know WHY you are the person they need to be working with.

Remember I mentioned that you want to be thinking about how to niche down on your offering?  Well now’s the time to reflect on what you’ve written down over the past two lessons, and hone in on that ONE thing that you want to be known for.  This is where you need to combine WHAT you do with WHO you do it for.

Let’s try an example…. 
Are you are an Oracle? Well, that’s intriguing. But, what sets you apart from others in your field? Oh, you’re an Oracle for women who have recently gone through a divorce and are looking to recenter themselves in the second half of their lives.  

Do you see how this makes you more MEMORABLE and SHAREABLE?  

You become known as the person for a specific demographic. The person that people refer to when their friends ask about this specific pain point.  Over time, you get better and better at working in this niche.  

Let me ask you this - would you pay more for the generalist, or for someone who has narrowed down their specialty and knows exactly how to effectively provide results?

I get it, you may be scared to niche down, because it’s counterintuitive to be super specific when you’d really like more clients or even just getting started. But you're here today because you want a brand that speaks to your client, so challenge yourself.

Your business will inevitably evolve over time, no matter what. We have to be adaptable, but we also need to be able to commit to our business at every stage of the journey.

So once you’ve analyzed where all the crossover and your passion lies, today’s challenge is to write out your Value Proposition Statement (VPS): which basically answers the following three questions in sentence form:

  • What do you do?
  • Who do you do it for?
  • Why do they need it?

EXAMPLE: We are a lifestyle brand that caters to transformative female entrepreneurial retreats, by providing outdoor adventures, with the underlying intention of inspiring participants to move through fear and limiting beliefs, foster lifetime friendships, and improve overall feelings of personal empowerment.

*** Yours does NOT have to be this long, but I want you to pay attention to how specific details are woven into each of the 3 parts of the sentence - the what, for whom and why?


Once you have written your VPS, you’re going to pull out 4-5 keywords or phrases from your VPS, that really reflects the heart and soul of your brand story. These will become your Brand Story Words.

EXAMPLE: Retreat, Yoga, Empowerment, Outdoor Adventure, Women

As you can see, the brand story words are just a paired down, simpler version of the VPS – they still get the point across about what we do.

Lesson Activity

Using the journal that you started with on Day 1, spend some time and write out YOUR Value Proposition Statement. 

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