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Color and Tone

In this lesson, we get to dive into two of my favorite parts of designing a brand, Color and Tone! 


I am challenging everything the modern-day branding books say about color; that your brand should not be your favorite color. I say, "Why not?"

Your brand represents you. You get to LOVE it every single day for the life of the brand. Sure, you want to appeal to your ideal client, but I haven’t met many business owners whose ideal client is much different from themselves. Do you really want to be staring at colors that don’t light you up?

So I want you to pick 2-3 basic colors that you love and that you ‘think’ would work for your brand and appeal to your ideal client.

EXAMPLE: Teal, Cream, Grey

You won’t be honing in on your specific brand colors right now, but choosing these basics will set the foundation for what we’re going to cover in the lessons ahead! If you’re struggling with selecting your basic colors, you can check out the following resources:

For color palette inspiration:
For color psychology:
And, the Additional Inspiration lesson has samples of color palettes and mood boards for you.


Your Brand Tone is a set of words that truly convey the attitude and style of your brand, and what ultimately conveys the feeling that you want your ideal client to have when he or she experiences your brand. As humans, we all have more than one word that describes our tone.

The challenge here is to pick 5 tone words that convey the attitude and style of your brand, and the way you want your ideal client to feel when he/she experiences your brand for the first time. You can come up with your own, or you can reference the list below.

We use 5 words, rather than just 2 or 3 because the idea is that the words don’t all convey the same thing, but that they work together to create your very own authentic brand tone. The combination of the 5 words is what makes your brand unique and unlike any other.

EXAMPLE: Earthy, Adventurous, Feminine, Elevated, Optimistic

As you can tell from the example, these 5 words, when put together, truly create something unique. Think of how the dynamic would shift if we replaced Feminine with Masculine, or Adventurous with Cozy. So be intentional with the deeper meaning of each word, and try not to use words that convey the same thing… I promise, by following this exercise, you’ll end up with a truly original brand tone & it will make creating your mood board so much more rewarding.

Inspiration for brand tone words:

List of Words

Lesson Activity

Decide on the following:

1. 2-3 basic colors that you love
2. Your 5 Brand Tone Words

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