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In this lesson, we’re diving into Pinterest to really uncover the images that speak to you, which may eventually make their way into your Brand Mood Board!

What we’re going to do today is search for brand-relevant images on Pinterest, using our Brand Story words, Brand Tone words, and the colors that we uncovered during the first half of the course. 

One very important thing to note is this - you will NOT be using these images in your actual brand design (i.e. your website, blog, marketing collateral, etc.). The images on Pinterest, and likewise, on Google, are NOT free to use. We can use them to set the mood and establish a pattern but these won't be the images we use in your actual brand design.

Now, let’s get started!

Pinterest can be a very useful, fun tool, but if you aren't super familiar with it, it may be a tad overwhelming at first.  So much eye candy!! So let's make a deal right now... I'll show you my exact process only if you promise me you’ll stay focused on the task at hand today, and not go down the dark rabbit hole of unicorn-shaped cupcakes and vanlife decor! Deal?

Ok, moving on... 
Pinterest has been shifting a bit but here's the latest how-to.

Step 1 - Create a Pinterest account or log in, and click on "My profile".  

Step 2 - Next, click on "Boards" and then create a new board by clicking on the red plus sign in the top left.  

  • Name your board "[YOUR NAME] Brand Inspiration" 
  • Click YES for Secret (unless of course, you want to be able to share it, then click NO). Once you have the board created, you can edit it by clicking on the little pencil icon.
  • Enter your Value Proposition Statement & Brand Tone Words in the description.
  • No need to categorize the board.

Step 3 - You are now ready to start pinning!

Begin searching combination phrases using the Brand Story and Color words that you identified in Week 1. It’s also helpful to combine your words with terms like "Decor", "Style" and "Design" as this will produce a lot of great on-brand results as well.

KEYWORD SEARCH EXAMPLES: "Outdoor Adventure Mountains", "Teal Yoga", "Mountain Decor", "Yoga Style", "Serene Design"

Pin anything to your Pinterest Board that catches your eye, and reflects at least one of the Brand Tone words you identified in lesson 5.

The idea here is to pin a variety of images – quantity over quality – don’t worry if they aren’t perfect! In the next lesson, we’ll weed out the ones that aren’t a true brand reflection. For now, we want to gather as many options as possible, which will give us the opportunity to look for repeating patterns of color, vibe, style, etc.  

Look for colors, patterns, words, people, landscapes, architecture, fabrics, foliage, etc…  The more variety, the better! Be sure to find some close-up images, and some that are further away.

Here are some other ideas to search: 

Office spaces (and home decor) - Searching for your style office space is a good way to see how you envision a space you work or might invite a client to come into.

Other Brand Identities - This will help you see what you are attracted to and what we can riff off of for inspiration. Example: Bold and Bright Brands

Quotes- Finding quotes that resonate with your brand and ones you might use to inspire your clients or that are inline with your beliefs.

*** Tip *** If you find an image that you feel especially drawn to, after you pin it, you can scroll down and find related pins. You can dig deeper and deeper into themes and patterns as you discover more and more images that speak to you (and your brand message).

*** Tip *** Don’t be afraid to add search terms to your list – you don’t have to stick with JUST the words that you identified in the first half of the challenge – those are just a good starting point. You may see patterns and themes emerge as you’re working through this process that you fall in love with unexpectedly. Use that inspiration and work off it.

Lesson Activity

Create your Pinterest board and try to pin at least 30 images to your board.

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