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Mood Board

In this step we take everything we’ve learned about your brand and discovered through your images, and we put it all together into a cohesive, compelling, and captivating Mood Board, which I will then use to create your brand design.

Head on into your Pinterest Board, and select approximately 8-10 favorite pictures – they must be a thorough representation of your 5 brand tone words and they must also all contain the common color theme that you’ve noticed over the past couple of days. For example – if most of your images are teal, cream and grey, try not to pick an image that conveys the tone, but has the colors don't fit. Open the pins, and right-click-save the images to your desktop or branding folder (if you’ve created one by this point).

If you haven't already, sign up for a free Canva account here*.
*This is an affiliate link. Which means, I love them and if you ever upgrade to a paid account they might send me a small credit as a thank you.

Watch this video for how to pull in your images, see your colors and save your design.
*** Tip*** if you double click on an image once it's in the grid box you can move it around and increase size.

Another fun way to pull a color palette from your image(s) is by using iColorPalette: and you can download the final result as a PNG and even upload that PNG into Canva and use it in your Mood Board if you like.

Got it? Congratulations! You’ve just completed your Mood Board. How does it make you feel? Can you feel the energy that you want your brand to convey?

Keep in mind as you continue to develop your brand… Always refer back to your tone words and mood board. Print or save your mood board somewhere so that you can check it often and easily. Continue to look back at the board as you decide each component of your brand elements just to make sure that you’re on track with the original tone that you worked so hard to define.

Lesson Activity

  1. Drop a copy of your Mood Board in our shared folder or add a link to the Brand Design Workbook
  2. Make sure you've added your Canva login information to the Brand Design Workbook as well.
  3. Once the above is done, click the "Mark As Complete" button to go to the next lesson and to let me know that you've completed this lesson.

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